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Level 4 - Vatican

Level cost – 550 euro

Lasts for – 35 hours (7 classes for 5 hours each)

Homework is a MUST in this course, You will need to bring a frame size from 50*70 cm. You can rent frame size 60*100 cm in our Academy.

You can take this course ONLY after passing Level 3 - St.Petersburg

This course improves the "blind" embroidery technics using the Luneville Hook, embroidery on non-transparent fabric,, application technics, 3D embroidery, ribbon and soutache embroidery

Dates on request, You need to consult the Academy about it. 

Training Program:

-Tambouring the frame, Double tambourine

-Transfer pattern on fabric

- Fabric dublication for "blind" embroidery

-Luneville hook "Blind" embroidery

-Beads and tube embroidery using "blind" embroidery

-Sequin embroidery using "blind" embroidery

- Stumpwork embroidery

- Fantasy soutache embroidery

- Ribbon embroidery

-3D roses using satin and organza ribbons

-Work with fabric paint

-Work with applications

-Vermicelli technic on big surface

-Finalizing the work

At the end of course You will be presented with a Level diploma