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Level 1 - Paris for Professionals

Level Course - 250 euro

Lasts for – 20 hours (4 classes for 5 hours each)


Homework is a MUST in this course, You will need to bring a frame size from 50*70 cm. You can rent frame size 60*100 cm in our Academy.

This course is an introduction to Haute Couture Embroidery Course and means that you KNOW how to do the Luneville hook embroidery. 

We improves the technics of Luneville and Haute Couture Embroidery


Dates on request, You need to consult the Academy about it. 

Training Program:

-Tambouring the frame

-Transfer pattern on fabric

-Introducing the Luneville Hook

-Chain stitch

-Starting and ending stitch

-Bead and tube embroidery with luneville hook

-Sequins embroidery with luneville hook

- Embroidery with cotton threads

-Embroidery with metallized threads

-Raphia embroidery

-Chenille embroidery

-Embroidery with cords

-Introduction to "blind" embroidery 

-Finalizing the work

At the end of course You will be presented with a Level diploma